Program Details

If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree and wish to take an upcoming graduate-level course in the Department of Philosophy without enrolling in the M.A. or Ph.D. program, you may apply as a non–degree-seeking (NDS) student. Please note undergraduate prerequisite course completion is typically necessary to succeed in graduate-level coursework. 

  • If you intend to enroll in coursework via NDS status for non-graduate study pursuits and personal interests, please specify in the personal statement what courses you would like to complete.
  • If you intend to use completed NDS coursework to strengthen your profile for graduate study, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies to determine your options. Completion of NDS coursework to fulfill prerequisites will not guarantee admission to the KU graduate program in philosophy. However, students who have studied philosophy and/or gained appropriate experience via self-study, but who lack the prerequisites to apply to an MA or Ph.D. program, may consider applying as an NDS student in order to make up these deficiencies.

Apply to the graduate program for non-degree-seeking status via the Office of Graduate Studies online application system.

 Application Materials:

  • Resume/CV
  • A brief personal statement indicating your academic preparedness and personal motivation for taking coursework in the Department of Philosophy
  • Evidence of preparedness for relevant coursework/Demonstrated competence in philosophy or other academic/professional areas that are similar or relevant (e.g., completion of relevant coursework as indicated on official transcripts, a writing sample that demonstrates argumentative prose, documentation of prior training and certification)
  • Official transcripts from undergraduate and post-baccalaureate institutions
  • Non-native speakers of English must meet Graduate Studies English proficiency requirements