Our Alumni


Graduate Placement Information Table
2023Chelsea Bowden Brad Cokelet & Ben Eggleston Denison University (Tenure Track)
2022Nadia Ruiz Armin Schulz Stanford University (Postdoc)
2022Gareth Fuller Armin Schulz Univ. of New England (VAP)
2022Vasfi O. Özen Scott Jenkins Boğaziçi University, İstanbul & Middle East Technical University, Ankara (Lecturer)
2021 Polo Camacho Armin Schulz American Society of Clinical Oncology (Ethics Program Manager)
2021Dong-yong ChoiDale DorseyInha University (Tenure Track)
2020 Michael Otteson Tom Tuozzo & Dale Dorsey Utah State University (VAP)
2020Kamuran Osmanaglu Armin Schulz Koç University (Academic Writing Program Lecturer)
2020Hassan Alsharif John Symons Taibah University, Saudi Arabia (Tenure Track)
2019Ramón Alvarado John Symons University of Oregon (Tenure Track)
2019Michael Hayes Dale Dorsey Shook, Hardy, and Bacon (Law Firm)

Undergraduates: Since 1964, over 1050 students have graduated from our program.

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Graduate Program Placement

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