Brad Cokelet

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  • Associate Professor


I was born in Montana but grew up in upstate New York.  Earned undergraduate degrees in Math and Religious Studies at Washington University (St. Louis) and then, after a brief stint as a social worker, an M.A. in Philosophy from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.  Finally, earned my Ph.D at Northwestern University under the direction of Richard Kraut.


Interdisciplinary work

  • Methodology of Virtue Science

Normative Ethics 

  • Virtue Theory & Virtue Ethics
  • Moral Psychology
  • Well-being
  • Normativity/Reasons


  • Confucianism
  • Buddhism
  • Stoicism

Empirical Studies

  • Studies of trait fairness & the impact of ethics classes on student behavior.


I have taught a wide range of classes including Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Chinese Philosophy, Kant, Critical Theory and its Historical Roots, and Moral Philosophy.

I currently regularly teach Introduction to Ethics, Chinese Thought, Contemporary Ethical Theory, and seminars on topics in Ethics and its history.